Small Animal Surgery & Dentistry

Complete Health Care for Small Animals in Aylmer

Imperial Road Animal Hospital in Aylmer is equipped with a surgery suite with gas anesthesia and advanced monitoring tools for routine elective and non-elective procedures. Whether we are performing sterilization procedures (also known as spays and neuters), removing tumours or repairing a fractured bone, your pet’s safety is our top priority. We offer in-house diagnostics to ensure that your pet can safely undergo anesthesia. When necessary and appropriate, we make adjustments to anesthetic protocols to ensure a safe procedure.

The control of pain is a very important aspect of the surgical procedure. Our goal is to minimize the discomfort associated with all surgical procedures. We begin pain management prior to surgery and continue it through the post-operative recovery period. Pain-free animals recover from surgery more quickly and with fewer complications.

Veterinary Dentistry

Periodontal disease is the most common health problem diagnosed in dogs and cats, affecting 80% of dogs and 75% of cats over the age of 3. When tartar accumulates on teeth and gingivitis develops, pets are at risk of not only tooth loss and oral pain, but also serious kidney, liver, and heart disease.

During a routine dental health assessment and treatment under a general anesthetic, your pet’s teeth are scaled and polished as you would have done by your own dental hygienist. In addition, the space around each tooth is probed to ensure there is no infection or bone loss. When necessary, infected or fractured teeth are extracted.

Our animal hospital is equipped with a dental suite where these procedures are performed under a general anesthetic. Our team members are well educated on the ways to help your pet maintain good oral health. Schedule an appointment today to learn how you can help to keep your pet’s mouth in top shape!